About Us

She Is by J.Marie, founded by educators and entrepreneurs Kevin and Kandice Lawson, we specialize in turning heads and capturing hearts. Our journey began while teaching abroad, where we noticed a stark lack of fashionable options for women with curves. This sparked our dream: a clothing line that not only fits but flatters and empowers. 

Our collections are a tribute to the warmer, brighter days of spring and summer. We understand that when the sun shines, your style should too. That’s why our pieces are meticulously crafted to ensure you look your best when the sun is out. Imagine a wardrobe where every item makes you feel like you’re walking on sunshine, turning every street into a runway.

Inspired by the influential women in our lives, the mothers of both Kevin and Kandice, our brand’s essence, She Is by J.Marie, embodies luxury, elegance, and the fearless spirit of a woman. We aim to empower women across the globe to be innovative, courageous, and above all, true to themselves.

As Audrey Hepburn once said, “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m Possible.” This belief is at the core of our brand. With every spring breeze and every warm summer evening, remember that “She Is” the vibrant, shining light, the missing piece in your wardrobe.

So, embrace the sunshine, embrace your style, and let the world see you shine.

Kevin and Kandice Lawson-CEOs